Guns of Icarus Alliance – Trailer

Guns of Icarus Alliance: PS4™ Edition is the ultimate player-vs-player, player-vs-environment, steampunk airship combat game, complete with an ongoing war between six elite factions vying for control of a world ravaged by machines. Up to 32 players can join a match for epic airship battles, with 4 players manning each ship. Or you can team up to take on an AI that learns your habits. Take on the roles of Pilots, Engineers, and Gunners and work with your crew towards victory

Release date : May 01, 2018

Guns of Icarus Alliance (Game Card)



Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze: Faster loading time on the Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Country is set to be released on May 4th on the Nintendo Switch. While this game has already been released previously on other consoles, this version will contain new things and even technical improvements.

GameXplain show us in their video that the loading time will be reduce by half! This is due to the fact that the Nintendo Switch uses a flash drive and not a hard drive.



World of Warriors – Trailer

History’s toughest warriors find themselves summoned to a land beyond our own. In this mysterious kingdom, known as the Wildlands, the only way to survive… is to fight!

Battle alone or alongside friends in a combat-focused adventure, as the epic World of Warriors™ universe from Mind Candy (creators of the global phenomenon Moshi Monsters™) makes its exclusive console debut on PlayStation®4 system.

Release date : march 21, 2018

World of Warriors (Game Card)





Conan Exiles – Trailer

An open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian! Now includes the new expansion update The Frozen North featuring a new land in which to survive, build, and dominate!  Hungry, thirsty and alone, your very first battle is that against the harsh environment. Grow crops or Hunt animals for food. Harvest Resources to Craft Weapons and Tools. Build a shelter to survive. Ride across a vast world and explore alone, or band together with other players to build entire Settlements and Strongholds to withstand fierce invasions.


Conan Exiles (Game Card)




Fortnite Battle Royale announced on Mobile

EpicGames just announced a few minute ago that Fortnite Battle Royale will be playable on iOS and Android this month! Who would have thought that you would be able to play Fortnite on Battle Royale? Also, the game will support cross platform with PC and PS4 if you get invited by your friends.

The good thing is that according to their announcement it will be the same exact game that you have on PS4, Xbox and PC. Same graphics and everything. We won’t need to wait long to see if this is true because starting on Monday March 12th, you will be able to sign in for the iOS Beta on

More information on EpicGame’s official website.


Super Smash Bros announced on Nintendo Switch!

We just reached a hype peak! Super Smash Bros was announced an hour ago on Nintendo’s Direct!

Super Smash Bros is probably the most anticipated game to be released on Switch and our dreams might come true. I said might because we aren’t sure if it will be a Wii version remastered or an original game. But, the game was announced with Splatoon’s characters which aren’t in the older version of the game. So we are leaning toward and original game.

No official date has been said but the trailer says that it will be in 2018… HYPE!!!


The Crew 2 Trailer

In The Crew® 2, take on the American Motorsports scene as you explore and dominate the land, air, and sea of the United States in one of the most exhilarating open worlds ever created. With a wide variety of exotic cars, bikes, boats, and planes to choose from, experience the unbridled thrill and adrenaline-pumping excitement of competing across the entire USA as you test your skills in a wide range of driving disciplines. Record every heart-pounding, white-knuckle, asphalt-melting moment and share them with your friends and rivals with the simple push of a button – fame is yours to take!

Release date : 2018

The Crew 2 (Game Card)

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Days Gone – Trailer

Days Gone is an open-world action game set in the high-desert of the Pacific Northwest two years after a mysterious global pandemic has decimated the world, killing most but transforming millions into mindless, feral creatures.

Using the power of PlayStation 4 and Unreal Engine 4, Days Gone offers an incredibly realistic and detailed open-world experience. Vast and hostile environments can be fully explored on the back of Deacon’s Drifter bike. Abandoned vehicles can be searched for useful items. Towns and buildings can be entered and searched – at great risk. All lighting is done in real time – eye adaption technology creates a real sense of dread when entering dark buildings; day and night have an impact on the experience; weather affects enemy behavior.

Release date : 2019
Days Gone (Game Card)

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Dead Island 2 – Trailer

The one and only Dead Island is heading to the Golden State, and we’re bringing the zombie apocalypse to a whole new level! Experience the true new-generation zombie co-op vacation with Dead Island 2.

Release : 2018

Dead Island 2 (Game Card)

[amazon_link asins=’B00KVU378G’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’US-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’71cf841b-22da-11e8-a0e1-c3811aafa84c’]