10 best 100 Doors Escape games

HelpMeWithGames offers you the 10 best 100 doors for your device.
No need to search over 600 games, we do it for you.

Avatar : Pandora Rising

Avatar the Pandora Rising for iOS and Android. You will be sent in a world never seen before. The graphics are totaly amazing. Players are Online waiting to help and raise a thunder of rallys to raise level rapidly.

Play new game is usually hard to understand and earn money is catastrophic but now it’s from the past, you will play easily and the tuto follows your progress in the first level.

You don’t need to pay real money to become strong. Money is something you can gather easily by sending boats and combat RDA of combat Na’vi if you play human.

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Draw Here: Logic Puzzles

Drawing here to solve all logic puzzles and collecting stars.

The main goal in Draw Here: Logic Puzzles is to draw lines or shapes in the box and collect stars. Be creative, there is 392 levels in Normal mode and they add a Hardest mode for smarter players.

Play now and do not forget to tell them your experiences with a rate.

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Spy Ninja Network – Chad & Vy

Spy Ninja Network – Chad & Vy
Publisher : BroadbandTV Corp
Genre : Puzzle
Release : Jan 20 2019
Platform : Android, iOS

CHAD WILD CLAY and VY QWAINT have been hard at work to bring you the Spy Ninja Network.

Destroy the virus :
Download the app and help them to defeat Project Zorgo.
Projet Zorgo is putting viruses in the Spy Ninja Network. They are trying to stop us from communicating with you.

Hack Project Zorgo :
Build circuits into Project Zorgo’s computers to access their secret information.

Spy Ninja Network :
Get points with each tool to help us take down Project Zorgo

What are you waiting! Help us to defeat them.

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Contribute to HMWG and Earn Money!

That’s right! We are currently looking for people to help us solve games and publish solutions, answers and walkthroughs on HelpMeWithGames.com.

HelpMeWithGames is a project that started in August 2015 and has since grown a lot. We are a team of 3 that works daily to solve as many games as we can. Our goal is to solve all the games on the Play and App store. But with the millions of apps coming out each year, we need your help! This is why we want to recruit new members to work with us. If you are a passionate of video games, especially mobile games, and want to monetize your gaming and free time, here is your chance! It could also eventually become your full-time job depending on the amount of hours and energy that you put in! Imagine how awesome it would be if your job would consist of being a video game solver that works from home? Well, this is exactly what we are doing!

Your job will consist of:

  • Scanning the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to find new Puzzle/Trivia games that looks promising and hasn’t been solved yet.
  • Playing and solving these games.
  • Publishing your solutions/answers/walkthrough on HelpMeWithGames.com.

What we are looking for:

  • We are looking for someone that is autonomous. – At the beginning you will work with an editor but eventually you will be able to do your things on your own.
  • We are looking for someone that isnt feared of working alone and not interacting with people on a daily basis. – You will be working from home.
  • We are looking for someone that is able to write English fluently with almost no errors. – Your answers will be seen by thousands of people and needs to look professional.
  • We are looking for someone that likes repetitive tasks – Once a game is solved, you will then need to publish hundreds of web pages. (Don’t worry we have tools to help you and not everything is done by hand)
  • We are looking for someone that can keep himself motivated – Solving a game can take many hours and a new game can take weeks before it takes off in popularity. Sometimes, you solve a game but it just never gets popular. You must not discourage yourself.

Working with HMWG has its benefits:

  • No strings attached, you are not a direct employee of HelpMeWithGames.com, which means that you are your own boss.
  • Work as many hours a week as you want and at the time you want, there is no maximum quota. If you only have time for 10h/week, no problem! If you have time and motivation for 60h/week go for it!
  • Get paid by views. Each single view that your pages will generate will reward you direct money! Let’s say that the website generate 1 000 000 views this month and earn 1000$. Your posts did 400 000 views which represent 40% of the total views. This mean that you will get 40% of the 1000$(minus HMWG’s share). The more you work and the more successful your pages are; the more money you will earn!

Things you should know before applying:

  • KOB Technologies (HelpMeWithGames) is based in Canada.
  • All Payments will be issued in CAD (Canadian Dollar) via Paypal.
  • You need to be 18 years old or older.
  • Spots are limited and not everybody will be accepted.
  • Our website interface doesn’t require any knowledge in coding. Having minor HTML knowledge can be a + but not necessary.

Are you still interested in being part of HelpMeWithGames’ team? If so, we would like to know more about you!

Find The Differences – Spot The Difference

Find The Difference – Spot the difference by Urmobi 1.2.6

This game is among the best fun games for those who love to Look CLOSER! Zoom the image and find small differences or normal biggest difference that you did not see. Are you ready for an awesome “find the differences” adventure? If yes, then “Find the Difference – Spot the Difference” is just the perfect game for you! Solve the mystery in photo puzzles with beautiful picture. This addictive puzzle game is waiting for a puzzle solving enthusiast ready for the photo hunt! Enjoy playing this concentration game every day!

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