Rime – Room escape game – Walkthrough – All The Answers – by IzumiArtisan

All the Answers: Rime is packed with mysterious riddles and is one of the best escape games to date. Throughout the game, you will find a plethora of highly challenging puzzles.

1-Go to the desk and take the key in the drawer.
2-Use the key on the electric box on the wall and pull the lever.
3-Take the batteries inside the electric box.
4-Open the elevator door, move inside.
5-Take the binoculars on the right wall the move out.
6-Use the bicoculars to read the signs above the big left window.
7-At the workbench:Turn the key as indicated on the signs (R-L-L-R-R-R-L-L)
8-Take the remote controller in the drawer. Tap twice the remote controller in you inventory and turn it with the arrow at the right of the remote. Tap the door in the back of the remote.
9-Insert the batteries in the remote.
10-on the back wall, there is a box at the right of the door. Look the sign in the lower left corner and use button on the remote to complete de figure then tap the rectangle button.
11-Tap the button to open the chest and take the fuse.
12-Move the fuse in the electric box on the front wall.
13-Tap the wooden box and take the fuse at the left of the wooden box.
14-Move the last fuse in the electric box and pull down the lever.
15-At the worktable, tap the knife and move the binoculars on the knife. Take the String.
16-Open the door. Go inside the elevator. Pull the lever at the left of the door to go to the 2nd floor.
17-Turn back in the elevator and tap the hole on the back wall (in the lower left corner). Take the phillips head rod
18-Take the empty can on the second floor.
19-Take the hook on top of the chest and combine with the String in your inventory.
20-Go on the 1st floor and use the string with the hook on the floor vent to take the Knob.
21-Replace the Knob on the drawer desk, open it and take the Matches.
22-At the worktable, tap the bench vice. Use the Phillips head rod to loosen the vice jaws and take the Small metal fixture that fall from, also take back the Phillips head rod.
23-Climb the ladder and take the sheet hidden on the frame at the left of the top door.
24-At the left of the back door, tap the box, tap the lock, move the Small metal fixture on the lock then slide to the left.
25-If you look the lamps on the wall, some liths turn on and other still off.
26-Tap the padlock twice on the bottom of the back door. according to the light on, tap button on the padlock then tap the rectangle to confirm.
27-Unlock the door by moving the bar.
28-Open the back door, tap the openning again and take the Square part in the snow outside. Also you can see a bucket with frozen water inside.
29-Use your empty can in the snow to take snow.
30-Take the Newspaper on the work table and go to the stove
31-Put the Newspaper in the stove
32-Use the Matches to light up a fire.
33-Place the can with snow on top of the stove
34-Take back the can now with hot water.
35-Go to the backdoor and poor hot water in the basket and take the screwdriver handle.
36-Combine the handle with the phillips head rod to have a screwdriver.
37-Climb the ladder. Tap the piece of metal the lock the acces. Use your screwdriver on the screw open the access door. Tap the piece of metal to move.
38-Tap the door to open and move to the 2nd floor.
39-There is a box on the wall, use the screwdriver on the 4 screws then remove the plate.
40-Tap the piece of metal in the box.
41-Take your remote controller. Tap the rectangle to reset and tap the buttons according to the drawing on the piece of metal.
42-Push the button to open the chest and take the Iron Box.
43-If the elevater is on the 1st floor jump in the pit and look around.
44-Move the elevator to the 2nd floor
45-Go down by the ladder.
46-Open the elevator door and take the Round part on the top of the right hole plate
47-Use matches to found a key in the opening wall.
48-Use the key to unlock the wooden box. To understand the mechanism you need to find rules with x on the wall behind the wooden box.
Now tap the button on the mechanism to find a triangle above the x at the right end. (choose one in the middle and tap right button until you find the x at the right end.
On the table there is a rule with an x. On the mechanism, use the top and place the triangle identically as the rule.
The last rule is the picture in the frame above the worktable and refer to the lower mechanism. Place the triangle on the x then tap the right button 4 times to move the triangle 4 square on the right.
Hit the Square button to confirm and open the wooden box. Take the Spanner.
49-At the backdoor, from the steel bar you removed, use the Spanner to remove the nut with the chain then to take the iron rod.
50-At the left of the elevator door, tap the frame and use the Spanner to remove nuts,
51-Tap the frame to open and take the Crank handle.
52-Use the Crank handle in the right hole and turn to open the left chest.
53-Take the coin and the book.
54-Go to the 2nd floor by the ladder and open the elevator door only.
55-Tap the hole at the bottom of the elevator and move the Iron rod in the hole. This will cause the elevator to stop at the half way in the pit.
56-Move down with the elevator. The elevator will stop at half way.
57-In the pit, tap the plate with the 2 screws.
58-Use the coin to remove screws then take the key. Go up.
59-Use the key to unlock the box and take the Crumbled paper. Unfold the Crumble paper and take the Triangular part and the paper with clue.
60-Go to the worktable and tap the paper blocked with the knife. There is 2 papers on the table and on in your inventory.
61-Tap the Iron box in your inventory. If you could move all the paper on the iron box, you would see where the round-square-triangle parts goes.
The round part goes in the lower left hole.
The triangle part goes in the middle.
The square part goes in the top right hole.
Pull lever on the right and take the Wire brush.
62-Use the brush on the chest behind the frame.
63-Tap the Iron box in your inventory and copy the drawing then tap the rectangle.
64-Tap the button on the chest to open and take the parchment.
65-Tap the wooden box, tap the frontplate, use the brush on the blur rules, letters appears.
65-Unroled the parchment in your inventory, find the word according to the number 1-2-3-4 (SNOW).
66-Open the book in your inventory, write the word SNOW to unlock. Tap the book again and turn pages. Take the key.
67-Use the key to unlock the door and escape the house but you wont escape the book. STAY !!!
68-Take the padlock. Tap the padlock in your inventory and tap again to remove Latch from the padlock.
69-(At this point, the elevator must be at the 2nd floor.) Tap the chest on the wall. Use the Latch to unscrew the 4 screws and take the Iron plate.
70-Tap the plate in your inventory, tap the plate to show, and again to obtain a Paper fragment.
71-Open the book and put the Paper fragment in your book.
72-Move up with the elevator. Put the Iron rod in the hole to block the elevator half way down again.
73-When stuck in elevator, Open the book in your inventory and tap the book leave, then come back in the room.
74-Go to the elevator door on the 2nd floor, Tap inside and pull the lever.
75-Go on the first floor and open the elevator door.
76-Tap the chain, it should go down near the plate with the handle.
76-In your inventory, combine Padlock and Latch.
77-Tap the Padlock and tap the handle to hook to the chest.
78-Go to the elevator door on the 2nd floor, Tap inside and pull the lever to lift the chest.
79-Tap the metal sign in the lower left corner on the chest.
80-Use the remote controller and push buttons to do the same sign.
81-Back to the chest and push button to open the chest. Take the Paper fragment.

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