Top 3 Games of the Month


YEAH! Here are the 3 top games solved that more than millions of people are playing.

What Game is it?     100 Doors Beast Clash     Icon Pop Quiz 2


What Game is it?
This game gain rapidly in popularity. Each level shows pixel drawing of a character that represent a game. You have a pool of letters with which you need to find the title of that game. If you are a video game fan and know your classics, this game is for you!
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100 Doors Beast Clash
100 Doors Beast Clash is a very popular game. It one of the best 100 Doors apps. Use your natural skills to escape all of the puzzle rooms. Will you go be able to make it through? You’ll need to use your brain in each room in order to succeed. No stress, no timer.
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Icon Pop Quiz 2
The sequel to Icon Pop Quiz, which has over 20 million downloads. Guess some characters, cities, food, games and even more in this fabulous game of a unique experience. With a new level of 25 to 50 logo each Thursday, Icon Pop Quiz 2 deserve a room in our Top 3 Games of the Month.
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