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Collect suns and pizzas, and use them to unlock awesome upgrades like power-ups, vehicles and costumes! The farther you run, the more you collect! Can you unlock them all?
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Eternium Mage and minions RPG Action Gameplay

This game is one of the most popular action RPG and good adventure on mobile. Graphics are absolutely awesome. In this adventure you will defeat many mobs and bosses. You can play for free without purchase any gem or coin, all can be found in the game. Find ⌊?⌋ box, it contains coins, items of the possibility to views ads to earn gems (Go for gems).

Normal mode : Lovia (mage)

Act I-World of Elderath “The Broken Dragon” VIDEO GAMEPLAY

Click on links below to watch videos mp4 and find the path to the boss

Click here for All Maps, mobs and boss locations

  1. The Shore of Hope (MP4) (Boss at 2:23  Mortanimus Thadden)
  2. Ruins of Dead (MP4) (Boss at 1:13 Iskarion Skybreaker)
  3. Marcus village (MP4) (Boss at 2:55 Summoning Skybreaker)
  4. Road to Anderra (MP4) (Boss at 1:28 Elite Healer w. 2 Charging Berserker)
  5. Out of Nowhere
  6. Misty Island (req’d level 20 and 1 dongeon key)
  7. The Defiler
  8. Training ground (req’d level 15)
  9. Anderra
  10. The Severed Mountain
  11. The Siege of Anderhelm
  12. The Gauntlet (enemies are level 14)
  13. The Wailing Peaks
  14. The Descent
  15. The Fiery Pits
  16. The Broken Dragon (enemies are level 10)

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