Tales of the Rays Review: Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Tales of the Rays is a game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainement Inc.

Only a few seconds after opening this game for the first time, I am presented with an epic manga intro and I’m telling to myself, WOW, this game will be fun!

First, I would like to tell you that you should play this game on Wi-Fi as there is a lot of downloadable content, especially in the beginning. The good this is that most of the time, while downloading, you are still able to continue the story/lore.

Tales of the Rays is an action combat game. The combat is similar to the turned base RPG Final Fantasy style except that instead of waiting for your turn, you have different meters to use abilities and you need to stop attacking for these to regenerate. Your normal attack doesn’t cost any energy so you can fight non stop if you want. This game is very very rich on the lore. If you are an adept of manga or games with ton of lore, this game is for you. The story is presented to you in form of in-game cut scenes (with ingame lowish graphics), you also have some normal dialogue between the characters that you can read and the best part is the manga cinematics. They are very well done and even if you don’t usually watch manga, you will love the story and the animations!

If you aren’t a lore person and don’t wish to follow the story, there is a skip button on most of the scenes and dialogue so you can jump straight to the action.

After playing for a while, here is the tips and strategies that we have found that could help you alot:


It is not recommended to do 1x pulls. You should wait until you are able to do 10 at once. This is because you will earn 220 prisms if you do the 10x pulls. You don’t get a discount for doing 1x so you should really wait. The only time you should do 1x pulls is 1 time for each starter banner because they are 100 gems instead of 200.

Dungeon Rotation

The dungeons change each day. Here is the list of the dungeons so you can plan your play time if you absolutely need a certain Anima.

  • Monday (Green Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Slash / Anima Orb Bash
  • Tuesday (Blue Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Shot / Anima Orb Spell
  • Wednesday (Yellow Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Spell / Anima Orb Shot
  • Thursday (Green Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Bash / Anima Orb Slash
  • Friday (Violet Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Random / Anima Orb Random
  • Saturday (Brown Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Random / Anima Orb Random
  • Sunday (All Type Anima Sync): Chiral Crystal Random / Anima Orb Random


The tutorial tells you how to attack but it doesn’t really tell you how to move, change characters and other things.

  • Autoplay: Tap and hold the screen (work on the map and during a fight).
  • Moving on the map: Use the left part of your screen.
  • Attack: Tap the right part of your screen.
  • Use Arte: Slide the right part of your screen.
  • Guard: Don’t move (or touch your screen).
  • Play another character during fight/quest: Pause (top right button), tap the character you want to play, and tap “Make Leader”
  • Change focus (doesn’t work on autoplay): Tap the button under the Pause button.
  • Use a Mirrage arte: Slide up on the character when your Mirrage Gauge is full.

What is “Just”?

If you cast your next Arte with a very good timing, you will be an extra MG points to fill faster your MG.

Level up your weapons

It is not recommended to level up your 1 stars and 2 stars items. You can use them in the story mode at the beginning but you will soon start to earn 3 stars and 4 stars weapons. Also, you might be tempted to keep your materials to upgrade your 4 stars items. You can do that if you get some but you shouldn’t wait. Upgrade your 3 stars items if you don’t have a 4 stars one that is better because you will need them to progress. Keeping your materials for only 4 stars might alter your progress heavily.

Best passives

Here is some of the best passives.

  • Dash Arte weapons: Very useful to avoid any attacks from enemies. Really simple but very effective!
  • Heal Arte weapons (especially AoE): Early game, it’s not that useful, but as and when monsters will be stronger, it will for sure be super useful
  • Iron Stance breaking passive weapons: It is pretty annoying when enemies still can attack when you focus them. If you have an Iron Stance breaking passive, you will be able to break down that faster!
  • Multi-hit Arte weapons: With an Iron Stance passive, you will be able to destroy enemies’ Iron Stance with only a few hit. Even without that passive, a full combo will probably destroy ennemies’ Iron Stance.
  • Healing passive weapon: You might not heal a lot, but you let enough time for your healers to heal you! Especially OP with a Dash Arte weapon.
  • Shot Arte: If you are in a bad situation (basically if all you allies died, and you are alone against the boss), shot Arte can be pretty useful! ūüôā


This is it for now, we hope that you will enjoy the game as much as we did. Remember that this is a freemium game. While being free, your progression could go faster by paying to buy gems. It is your choice to play it like you like it but others that are spending real money will progress faster. If you are patient and really like the game, you will be able to complete it with no problems if you have the time and patience.

Thank to Reddit for filling in infos we were missing.


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