Unfolded Torus Review: Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Unfolded Torus is a free to play puzzle game made by Biemmesoft.

Available on:

Unfolded Torus is their first game released on mobile but it doesn’t mean that it is bad, oh no. It is by far one of the most challenging yet fun game that I’ve played. I am someone that is usually pretty good and can solve these type of games pretty fast and easily, but this one gave me a hard time (in a positive way!).

It is not so hard at the beginning but becomes very challenging as you progress in levels. The beauty of this game is that all levels can be solved “easily”. You don’t need to find the perfect solution. All you need to do to succeed is to reach the minimum score threshold. But, if you are able to score an even higher score, the game rewards you with more coins and also a place on the leaderboards! You can have your name up there so everyone can see how well you performed. Also, with the multiplayer tournaments, you can show off your skills even more. Play in real time with other players across the world and try to score the highest score in the time frame given.

(From developer’s website)

Unfolded Torus is a brain challenging game formed by a sequence of scenarios called tori.

The main goal in each torus is to maximize the score using the least number of moves.

A scenario is formed by square tiles, each tile can contain a number. The score is determined only by the following two rules:

  • Equal numbers adjacent on a diagonal sum up to the score
  • Numbers satisfying the above condition and belonging to two different diagonals are counted twice

Below, some scenarios are displayed. Observe that tiles, which contribute to the score, are colored and tiles, which yield a double score, are in a bold rounded shape. The first figure shows the initial scenario, the second is the configuration after two moves, the third is the final configuration achieved in 10 moves.


In the upper rightmost corner there are two circles containing the current score and the number of moves.



There is 2 modes that you can play. Single Player mode and Multiplayer Tournaments.

Single Player is a fun and relaxing experience. There is more than 500 puzzles to solve across 43 packs. You don’t have any time restrictions and you can come back to previous levels at any time. Obtain the minimum score required to unlock the next level or try to get the highest score as possible to have your name in the leaderboards! Each puzzle that you complete rewards you with coins that can be used in the tournaments.

Multiplayer Mode is for those that want another type of challenge. Play against real players and try to beat them by getting the highest score in the least possible moves. Tournaments cost coins to enter but if you manage to place in the top of the leaderboard you will earn even more coins.

Tips & Tricks

A number can be counted twice
To score points, identical numbers need to be touching each other diagonally.


2 2

= 16

16 you say? Why not 8? Well…

2 2

2+2 in red and 2+2 in blue.


2 2

2+2 in red and 2+2 in blue

This scenario = 16 and not 8 points. Use this at your advantage to maximize your score.

Place higher in tournaments

In tournaments don’t focus on getting the best solution in the least move possible at the beginning. Just focus on moving the numbers around and grouping them to get the highest score. Once you feel you have obtained the highest score possible, you should be in the first of the leaderboard. Now that you know where each numbers should be, with the time remaining, focus on getting that result again but in less moves to secure your position! Leaderboards works this way; Let’s say you get 80 points in 50 moves, you will still be placed higher than someone with 78 points in 4 moves. This is why moves aren’t important at the beginning. If you are placed in the top with many other people with the same score, this is where moves come in play.
In 5 minutes tournaments, the key is speed.


If you are still wondering if you should play this game or not after reading all this, my answer is YES you should definitely try it. It is free are you will be missing out on something if you don’t give it a go. This game offer everything that a puzzle lover needs. Easy puzzles for the family, challenging puzzles for the veterans, leaderboards to compare yourself with the world or just your friends (Yes, I didn’t mention it, but you can have a private leaderboard with just your friends. Makes it easy to show your skills and impress your friends and family!)

If you want to play this game here and the links:

Google Play Store
Play on PC

Visit the game’s web page for more information!


Google Hidden games and tricks-1-I’m feeling lucky

We give a list of helpful things Google can do for you, along with a few fun secrets that not many people know about.

You can play Google Hidden games or prank your friends with these tricks.

#1 Google can roll, type “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens.

#2 Type “flip a coin” and watch what happens.

#3 Type “Zerg Rush” and prepare to fight (click) them before they are able to overcome your page.


#4 Type “play pacman” use arrows keys to move left up right down, eat all the dots and eat the ghosts.
Pacman is one of the most popular games and was a culture icon of the 80’s.

#5 Type “Google in 1998” See what Google was like back in 1998 – Yes. You can change the style and look of Google to its 1998 version.


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Jelly Run Review: Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Ketchapp, the master of simple yet AMAZING games, is back with a new hit! The sequel of the huge 2016 success Puzzle Jump: Puzzle Run.

Puzzle Run is fairly simple. Jump at the right time or else you die. Sounds easy? Well, that’s what I also thought but after playing for a couple of minutes, it is not as easy as it seems.

You have two rows of ice where your jelly is running. Tapping on your screen will make your jelly jump from the left to the right or vice versa. Many obstacles will try to stop you; avoid them by jumping on the other side. At first, it will be hard and you will not get pretty far. But after a few tries, you will start to get better and get higher score. This is when you will realize that this game is really awesome and addictive. You will want to restart and restart again just to get a better high score. The fun double when you have friends that fight for the first place among your group or the in game leaderboard.

Like always, Ketchapp did a really good job with the graphics. The commands are responsive and accurate which makes it more enjoyable because it is less likely that you will die from glitches or lags.

To make it even more addictive, while jumping and trying to survive, you can collect jellies which can then be used to change the color of your jelly or unlock new type of jellies. While these “upgrades” doesn’t give you any type of advantages, it makes your jelly look hot and awesome! It also gives you bragging power to your friends

The game just came out and has already 50 000 downloads at the time of writing this article and I predict a big million success. Jump in in this amazing game and rank up the scores to be the very best!

Download now on Android or Apple:

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If you already enjoy this game, these tips might interest you


On your way, you, obviously, saw that there is some walls and you need to avoid them. You probably also saw that some of them are moving and some of them aren’t. To know which ones can move, simply look at the triangle on the front of the wall. If it is glowing, it means that it can move. If it is not glowing, it means that the wall cannot move. Some walls will always glow and move on a fix interval. Some others glow at the beginning but stop after they moved once. By knowing which ones can or cannot move, you can predict your route easier.

Prediction and calculation is the key

If you want to get far, you cannot simply jump and avoid obstacles. You need to look ahead and see what is coming. A lot of times, the game will force you to jump to put you in a position where you cannot jump back. This is why you need to look ahead and sometimes you will need to jump, even if you are not avoiding an obstacle or an hole, to position your jelly. You also need to calculate the distance of your jumps.

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In this example, I didn’t look ahead and I jumped to late. Resulting in a forced jump in the void.

I should have jumped earlier in order to be able to jump back in that small platform to then jump back on the main track,

Get more jellies to buy stuff

In your journeys, you will not come across a lot of jellies. If you want to buy the cool new Jelly skins faster, you can look up for pop ups at the end of your run to watch ads and gain extra jellies points. This is worth it if you do not want to spend money on the skins.



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From the same company that brought you Gardenscape. Homescapes is very similar but brings you a totally different story. This game is a match 3 puzzle game just like Bejeweled/Candy Crush. The goal of the game is to complete levels and earn stars. You can then use these stars to upgrade your house just how you like it. The game offer you multiple decoration choices. For exemple, the first thing that you will upgrade is your carpet. Instead of just giving you one choice, you have 3 different layout that you can choose. This means that all the houses will be unique at your own taste.

In each level, you need to collect a specific amount of objects. You also have a fixed amount of moves to complete these goals. If you reach the goal before you run out of moves, you win a star. If you fail to meet the requirements, you lose a life. You have a maximum of 5 lifes and will need to wait a certain amount of time before generating a new one.

Here is a few tips to help you succeed in your journey:

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Bricks Breaker Puzzle is a really simple and challenging game and it is really fun. The game is easy to understand. You have a certain amount of balls in your hand and there is some squares with numbers above you. Hold your finger on your phone’s screen to aim and release to shoot. Hit as many squares as you can. Each time you hit a square, it’s number will go down by 1 until it reach 0 and disappear. Clear all the blocks to win.

This game feels fresh and bring a new game to the top mobiles games on the app store. If you have 5 minutes or 1 hour to play, no problems, you will find what you need. The game features hundreds and hundreds of levels. The amount of content that you get in this game is so big that if you enjoy it, you will be able to play for days before being even a bit bored.

The main game features hundreds of levels, yes. But, there is not only that. There is 3 other modes: 11Classic, Multiplay and 100Ball.

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