Word Swipe – Brain Training: All The Answers

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Word Swipe – Brain Training is a new trending game made by Eternus Games. It was released back in August and is getting more and more popular. The game features over 500 levels in which you need to find words by swiping your finger vertically, horizontally, diagonally and even backwards. At first, the game is really easy but the further you go in levels, the harder it gets. If you ever get stuck in the game, you can buy hints for a small amount of money. Like always, we have listed all the answers to all the levels of Word Swipe – Brain Training below. Feel free to follow or bookmark helpmewithgames.com for future consultations.

List of all the levels:

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13 thoughts on “Word Swipe – Brain Training: All The Answers

  1. All I can do with keys is change the background? I have hundreds of them. I don’t need to change the background.

  2. I can’t get the right way to put all the words in 515 it’s doing my head in tried for 4 days. HELP

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