Word Cookies : All The Answers

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Word Cookies is the brand new game from the popular company BitMango

In this game, you are presented with a pool of letters and some words that needs to be completed. You need to find all the possible words to go to the next level. All letters can be reused for each word. Unlike most games, you cannot jump to another level if you are stuck. This is why you will find all the answers here.

Each level is on a separate page to ensure that the next level is not spoiled. After all, this is a guessing game and this is probably why you are playing it, right? But we all know that after being stuck on a word for a while can be frustrating and some help is welcome.

List of all the levels:

Home baker

Novice Chef

Talented Chef

Commis Chef

Pastry Chef

Star Chef

Celebrity Chef

Sous Chef

Executive Chef

There is now a sequel to Word Cookies. Find out now!

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