Word Cookies Cross – Level Pumpkin Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Pumpkin Answers

Pumpkin Level 1: Tie Tic Ice Cite ticket Kit Tick Kite
Pumpkin Level 2: sunday Dun Sun And Any Day Days Sad Say Sand
Pumpkin Level 3: Eel Get Gel gentle Glee Leg Net Gene Ten Tee Teen Lent Let
Pumpkin Level 4: Yes Lye Sly myself Elm Elf Fly Elms Self
Pumpkin Level 5: Rad Raw Rid Ward wizard Draw Raid Wad War Air Aid Arid
Pumpkin Level 6: Rad For Off Rod Far Fad Oar Road afford Ford
Pumpkin Level 7: Cue Cub Tube Bet But Buck Cube Tub Tuck Cute bucket Cut
Pumpkin Level 8: Gut Rag Rat Rig Tar Rut guitar Rug Air Tug Gait Tag Grit Art
Pumpkin Level 9: Coup Clue Lope Cup Cue Cop Pole Lop Cope couple
Pumpkin Level 10: Aim Act Coma Omit Mat atomic Atom Tic Cot Cat Taco Coat Oat
Pumpkin Level 11: Ilk King Ink liking Gin Kin Link Nil
Pumpkin Level 12: Burp Rump bumper Pure Pub Rum Rub Rue Perm Per Bump Bur
Pumpkin Level 13: Ran Raw Warn Won Now Nor Arrow Worn Row War narrow Own Oar Roar
Pumpkin Level 14: Oars Boar Robs Soar Boars absorb Rob Bars Bras Orbs Bar Orb Oar Bra
Pumpkin Level 15: Itchy Itch Tic mythic Chit Myth Icy City Hit Him

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