Word Cookies Cross – Level Greentea Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Greentea Answers

Greentea Level 1: Not cotton Cot Con Onto Tot Ton Too
Greentea Level 2: Mail Lain animal Aim Mania Main Nail Man Nil
Greentea Level 3: Dined Dine Den Hen End Hind hidden Din Did Die Died Hid Hide
Greentea Level 4: Yacht Chat Tact Act That Cay Cat chatty Hay Hat
Greentea Level 5: Shot Hots Got Host Toss Hot ghosts Ghost Shots Hosts Hog Hogs
Greentea Level 6: Rat Tic Tar arctic Act Air Car Cat Cart Art Arc
Greentea Level 7: Gut Tough Hug Hut Out Got Ought Tug Hot though Thug Hog
Greentea Level 8: noodle Done One Nod Olden Den Lend End Led Don Doe Node Eon Lone Old Ode
Greentea Level 9: Peck pocket Kept Cop Cot Opt Poke Pet Poet Top Toe Pot Cope
Greentea Level 10: Pal appeal Pale App Ape Peal Apple Pea Papa Papal Plea Ale Leap Lap
Greentea Level 11: Iron Rim For Nor Form inform From Firm Fir Fin Ion Norm Minor
Greentea Level 12: impair Par Pair Amp Ram Rap Rip Rim Air Aim Prim Ramp Map Mar Arm
Greentea Level 13: Noes lesson Sole Sons Eons Nose Noses Son Less Loss Lose Eon Soles Lens Loses Lone Ones One
Greentea Level 14: Opal Plot Plop Pat Pal Tap App Apt Alto Opt Lop Lot Oat Top laptop Pot Pop Atop Lap
Greentea Level 15: Sack Casks Cans Ask Cask snacks Scan Scans Sacks Can Asks Snack Sank

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