Skyscraper Room Escape – Falling from the sky – Valve Room

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Tap the circle : You found the letter E
Look in the open drawer an take the hint for the valve.

Here is the solution to get 6L.

Fill the 12/12L in the 0/8L and the 0/5L bottle in this order. You have now 0-8-4.
Fill the 0/12L with the 4/5L bottle. You have now 4-8-0
Fill the 0/5L with the 8/8L bottle. You have now 4-3-5.
Fill the 12L with the 5/5L bottle. You have now 9-3-0.
Fill the 0/5L bottle with the 3/8L bottle. you have now a 9-0-3.

Pour the 9/12L bottle in the 0/8L bottle. You have now 1-8-3
Pour 8/8L bottle in the 3/5L bottle. You have now 5/5L.
Pour 5/5L bottle in the 1/12L bottle. = 6L

Electric room is now open.

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