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Puzzle Page by AppyNation . Exercise your brain everyday with a new pages of your favorite puzzles.

You’ll find : Crosswords One Clue, Sudoku, Word Search, Code Words, Picture Cross (Challenger), Picture Path, Kakuro.

Want to find more of your favorite type of puzzle? Use the Calendar view to quickly browse through previous day’s pages.

This is such a brilliant idea, a little mini fix of puzzles every day and the puzzles are great, a bit of a brain workout, good game and always possible to do previous days puzzles too if you want to do more, highly recommended.

How it works.

1-Menu “Help” (announcements, puzzle instruction, In App Purchases, Subscriptions, Troubleshooting FAQ, Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions, Contact AppyNation.
You will also find the “Options” button to turn off music or change pen ink color.

2-Calendar : play previous games : Tap the Logo and choose the month/day.

3-Date : This will tells you which game you are playing. Change game in calendar

4-Coins : You need coins to get hint.

5-Tokens : Use tokens to unlock games.

6-Subscribe : Benefits of subscribing

A new page of puzzles UNLOCKED every day.
FREE access to past days’ pages.
Replay puzzles as often as your like.
No interruptions from Ads.
Recharging coins to spend on hints.

7-Game Overview :

Quests to complete.

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Great Muko!

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