Escape World’s Toughest Prison – Stage 4

Escape World’s Toughest Prison by Mobest Media
is a classic escape game with all its original elements. Solving puzzles, cracking codes, lock picking, finding hidden objects and combining items to escape the rooms. This challenging adventure game has 20 different rooms. Hurry up, the world’s toughest prison isn’t a nice place to spend your time – escape!


Stage 4

Zoom the suitcase on the table
— Tap the suitcase
— Tap the suicase in you inventory to open it
— Tap the tablet
Zoom the purse on the table
— Tap the purse
— Tap the device
Zoom the brickwall
— Tap the rings
— Tap the device in your inventory
— Tap device to turn back
— Tap the rings in your inventory
— Tap the device
— Tap the device to turn back again. “C” is displayed.
— Tap the tablet
— Tap to log in
— Tap the dot circle to make the letter C (starting from the right top circle, then next circle to the left, 3 circle in the middle column then to the right botton circle.
— Remeber the direction of the guns. (LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN)
— Tap the X button.
Zoom the box next to the right of the door
Zoom box
— Tap arrow to point in the right direction (LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN)
— Tap orange button
— Tap the key
— Tap the key in your inventory
— Tap the door-lock
Clic here to ESCAPE!

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