Adventure Valley: Forgotten Manor

Adventure Valley: Forgotten Manor is a stunningly beautiful game in the genre of 100 doors and escape the room from which you plunge into the whirlpool of amazing adventures, reveal the mystery of the Lord Kelly’s Manor, learn about the treacherous betrayal and true love.


Tangrams & Blocks

Tangrams & Blocks developed by Mindmill Puzzle Games.

Tangrams & Blocks is a logic puzzle game that combines the classic chinese Tangram puzzle with modern Block Puzzle elements.
Drag and drop the pieces onto the board without overlapping them and fill out the whole shape.
Completing a puzzle can be relaxing, but also challenging depending on the number of pieces, which makes it a fun time waster for kids and adults!

Tangrams & Blocks features tons of different level packs variation of shapes and colors. Choose between squared boards, shape mode, classic block puzzle bricks, chinese Tangram pieces or other special shapes such as triangles, hexagons and more.

This Tangram and Blocks is nice. Tangrams & Blocks answers

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Raytrace Lite

Raytrace Lite is a free puzzle logic game that revolves around one of the most beautiful phenomena – light refraction. With more than 120 levels to go, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove yourself as a pathfinder for your laser rays. You can enjoy:  Unique system of laser beams intersections.  HD 3d graphic and lighting. 120+ levels with different complexity in 5 boxes.

All The Answers and walktrough can be found here




WordWhizzle Answers Here!

You can find all the WordWhizzle Pop answers here on


Description of the game from the playstore:

*** A word search that really POPS! ***

Welcome the hot new word search game you can’t put down! 

Easy levels give way to difficult challenges that few can beat…Are you part of the less than 1% who can conquer the entire game?

A new kind of word puzzles awaits with WordWhizzle Pop! Have a blast and build your vocabulary at the same time!

– Easy gameplay, challenging puzzles
– 2000+ FUN and ADDICTING levels
– Daily bonus opportunities

Now’s the time to play WordWhizzle Pop, the latest creation from the makers of WordBubbles and the top-rated WordWhizzle series of games!

Word Architect answers are here!

Word Architect answers are finnaly out. Find out all the answers here on the answer page


Description for the play store:
You will have to build some words to solve every crossword puzzle level.
Just swipe your finger from the first letter to the next letters that make up the word. Drag your finger from the first to the last letter to select the word.
If you can’t find a word, don’t worry, you can use the “Hint” button, that will show you the first letters of each word.
You can also use the “Shuffle” option to change the order of the letters.

Minimalist, simple and fun game, suitable for all audiences
Full game is free, with very few ads (no ads while playing)
Exercise your brain and relax!
Beautiful and simple user interface
Compatible with all devices including tablets
Includes sounds (can be disabled) and images in HD
Includes 400 levels (soon more to come)
Learn new vocabulary in english or spanish.
Light weighted app with offline game.
No intrusive permissions