Can You Escape The 100 Room VI-Answer-Level 7


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Here is a complete walkthrough for Can You Escape The Room VI. We will tell you all the solutions with step by step instructions on how to solve all the puzzles. Select the level you are stuck in the list below and you will get all the answers. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you get stuck in another room in the future.

Answer :

1-Take the crank.
2-Take the wooden disk.
3-Use the crank on the chest and take the id card.
4-Take the glue under the pillow.
5-Take the id card in the basket and use glue to fix.
6-Move the wooden disk on the game board. Replace pieces and take the book at the end.

7-Tap the wall. Open the book in your inventory and tap the frame on the according to the dark square in the book. A secret chest, open it and take the id card.

8-Rub the window.
9-Tap the keyboard enter code 1643 and take the id card.

10-Use the colored numbers on id cards to unlock the box and take the magnetic.
Type 09 then tap the green field to enter number 27 then tap the purple field to enter 16 then 22 in the last field.

11-Use the magnetic card.

Click here to escape

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