Bunker: Room Escape – Walkthrough – Lift Level


Bunker : Room Escape 

All the answers here! The main goal in 100 Doors is to escape the room.  Using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of 100 doors and move the doors to the next Level.
Search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and use an items to do this! All images are the property of the developer.

Walkthrough :

Hallway “Wheelchair”  [IMAGE]
There is a door on the left : It’s Room 5. <you need to turn on the light 🙁 > [IMAGE]
There is an electric panel on the left wall, tap switch to turn on the light in room 5. [IMAGE]
A garbage can with a piece of paper. <Take it “12”>
Locker #1 and Locker #2 <you need a code>
Between lockers there is a equation on the wall that will activate the elevator [IMAGE]
When you will see one of those shapes, take the number.
Now Go in the elevator for quick look. <Good 2 YELLOW TRIANGLES with numbers>
Tap the control panel [IMAGE]

Go in Room 5  [IMAGE]
Number 1976 is written on the poster and 76 is underscore.
On the desk, tap the screwdriver.
Tap the drawers an open it. <A magnet>
Tap the dog’s cage and tap the medal. [IMAGE]
A safe is in this room <will come back later>
Go back to desk and tap the computer screen.
Tap the password on the computer to login : 5868  [IMAGE]
Tap the screen to view next hint.[IMAGE]
Locker’s number is originally 1976 but changed for 1989 now.

BACK to Locker #1 [IMAGE]
Tap the toy car
Tap the table. Tap the case. <You need a battery!>
Tap the screwdriver and tap the toy in your inventory to get battery from the toy.
Tap the battery and tap the case. Game!!!
You need to move all disks on the right pole [IMAGE]
You got a piece of paper <Take it “02”>
Tap the running shoes (for the laces.)
Good YELLOW SQUARE with number 2 print.
In your inventory, Tap the laces and tap the magnet.
Go in Room 5 and use the code, in your inventory, on the safe.
Take the key.
Go in locker #1 [IMAGE]and use the key to unlock the drawer and tap the paper. It’s a SODOKU GAME [SOLUTION]

[BACK to Hallway]
Tap and hold your finger on the Sodoku in your inventory, a code is mark with 4 stars [SOLUTION]
Tap the locker #2
Enter the code 5-2-6-3.
Small lockers with shapes and numbers [IMAGE] <Write down the numbers and shapes.
Pictures are on the table, look at them.
Tap the drain on the floor.
Tap the magnet in your inventory and tap the drain.
You got a Triquetral key.

[Go in the elevator]
Tap the triquetral key and tap the board. [IMAGE]
The 2 last shapes are here. The 2 triangles, one with a 6 and other with a 4.
[IMAGE] With all numbers and shape you can solve the equation and find the last code. [SOLUTION]

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