Bunker: Room Escape – Walkthrough – Dream Level


Bunker : Room Escape 

All the answers here! The main goal in 100 Doors is to escape the room.  Using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of 100 doors and move the doors to the next Level.
Search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and use an items to do this! All images are the property of the developer.

Walkthrough :


Room 1 [ Cell ] [IMAGE]
Slide the menu on the right side, you have a knife.
Tap on both arrows to cut the tie and cut the other side too.

Tap the door to escape this room.

Hallway 1 [Lockers] [IMAGE]
Tap on the blue box on the right wall.
Tap the key.

Tap the lockers on the left.
Tap the electrical tape on the right shelf.
Tap the broom.


Hallway 2 [IMAGE]
At your right cell number 2, look by the window. 🙁 been there since a while.
A card on his knees but can’t reach it.
Tap the key in your inventory and tap the wooden door.

Room 2 [dog’s room] [IMAGE]
Tap the computer on the table.
Tap the Post-it on the computer [CODE 3742]
Tap the shelves.
Tap the screwdriver.
Tap the blue lubricant can.

Tap the wooden box on the left wall. [IMAGE]
Tap the screwdriver and tap the keyhole
Tap dog food bag.

Tap the dog.
Tap the dog food bag in your inventory and feed the dog.
Tap the electronic card.

[BACK] to Hallway 2 [IMAGE]
Tap the electric box on the wall
Tap the code 3742
Tap the red wire. Fix the wire with the electrical tape.
Tap the tape in your inventory and tap the wire.

[BACK] Room 2 [dog’s room]
Now electricity is back.
Tap the computer
Tap the electronic card. [Doors unlocked] on the computer.

[BACK] to Hallway 2

[BACK] to Hallway 1 [Lockers]

Room 3 [Heating Room][IMAGE]
Tap the pickaxe
Tap the lantern on top of the shelf.
Tap the puzzle on the wall.
Tap the handle in the middle
Tap the lower left handle to solve the puzzle and stop the steam.
Tap the saw
Tap the shelves.
Tap the rope.
Tap the pincer.

In your inventory.
Tap the saw and tap the broom.
Tap the rope and tap the broom handle
Tap the pincer and tap the lantern to get the steal handle
Tap the rope and tap the steal handle.

[BACK] Cell number 2.
Tap the rope in your inventory and tap the card.

[BACK] to Hallway 1 [Lockers Room]
Tap on the lockers.
Tap the card in your inventory
Tap the lubricant can and tap the door.
Tap the door to open.
Tap the crowbar.
Tap the crowbar in your inventory and tap the lockers.
Tap the passage
Tap the pick axe and tap the wall.
Pass by the hole.

Room 4 [Hand wheel door][IMAGE]

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