Super Mario Odyssey: Patch 1.2 Featuring Luigi

At the pleasure of many people, Nintendo just released Super Mario Odyssey’s 1.2 update on the switch today! A new “online” mode will let you compete against other players to earn more coins.

2 new camera filters.

3 new costumes Musician, Vacation(Mario Sunshine 4500coins) and Knight (8000coins).

Luigi’s Balloon World. This mode is the heart of the update. In each map, Luigi will appear. Talk to him to participate in a hide-n-sneak type of game. You will either need to hide a balloon somewhere in the map and then other real players will need to find it. The longer it takes for others to find your balloon, the more coins you will earn.
Someone on Twitter tweeted that they received 10500 coins by being able to hide his balloon for 25mins.

You can also be on the other side, you need to find balloons that other players hid, as fast as you can.



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