100 Weird Doors – Walkthrough – Level 66

100 Weird Doors Impossible & Unravel Escape Puzzle is developed by Fun Games Tree

All the answers here! The main goal in 100 Weird Doors is to escape the room.
Using all the possibilities of the device, you need to open each of the 100 doors using your brain and imagination.
Search for hidden objects and solve puzzles to make it through each doors!

Solution for the level 66:

Each circle represent a number.
The first one is a sequence that double at each number
2,4,8,16,?,64 – ?=32
The second one is a sequence that add 9 to each number
7,16,?,34,43,52 – ?=25
The third one is not a sequence. You need to find the colleration between numbers.
5 is the magic number. 45/9=5 30/5=6. so ?/5=3? 3×5=15
The code is 322515

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