100 Doors Challenge – Walkthrough – Level 106

100 Doors Challenge , from Protey Games

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The main goal in 100 Doors is to escape the room.  Using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of 100 doors and move the doors to the next Level.
Search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and use an items to do this!

Plunge into the mysterious world of the 100 doors. Each new level is a unique puzzle that is becoming more and more complicated. In order to pass a level you have to search for objects, perform tasks, solve conundrums and win in mini games.

The Walkthrough

Click here to Escape!

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4 thoughts on “100 Doors Challenge – Walkthrough – Level 106

  1. Can anyone explain this level? I can copy the pattern and unlock the level but I don’t understand it.

    • Sure,
      When you see 1-1, that mean there is 2 lights on the line but separated by a black square (light – black square – light)
      When you see 1, that mean there is only 1 light on the line.
      When you see 3, that mean there is 3 consecutive light on the line.
      When you see 31, that mean there is 3 consecutive light, a black square and 1 light.
      But if it a 13, that mean there is one light follow by a black square then 3 consecutive light.

      Always start with the biggest numbers on a line or column.

      I think this should help you.


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