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League of Dragons by Social Point 

All the cheats, hints and guide for The best dragon game!

Awesome trailer from Social Point. You must see !

If you like dragons, then the game will appeal to you.  Everything in wonderful 3D. Become the ultimate Dragon Master in this real-time multiplayer game.
Collect dragons, spells and defenses. Create your battle deck to form the perfect strategy.
Start winning battles against other players by knocking down their Castles. You will participate in a League every time!


Gameplay : You need to fight with dragons on a battle field and destroy enemies castle. Enemies will send dragons to destroys your castle.
Know you dragons skills, defense strength and castle health. The battleground is split into four lanes, each line can carry a certain number of dragons and the summon ones cannot swipe lanes. The lanes are connecting your castle with your enemy’s. You have to fight your enemy. Every time your opponent will summon up a dragon, you have to kill it in order to pass successfully to the other side and reach the castle. 

Know Your Castle Health :
You should know that your castle contains all the dragon you have created or obtained throughout the game and also includes spells and defense.
Health is the red bar on the upper right corner.
Mana is the blue bar on the bottom of your screen.

Strategy :
Use your team with deck cards stats, select them in battle league wisely to win.
There are 4 way to attack enemies : Attack (Melee or Range), Spells, and Defense.

 Battle : Select battle league according to your level.

Attack :
(melee) : Tank have a lot of health and a good attack. He is slow, deal less damage but he is strong.
Half-Tank (melee) : He is not a tank but have this character will help to deal more damage.
Range attackers : This character can attack the enemies castle from 2 squares or more. Take one them in your team and send it on the battle field right behind your Tank.
Spells : Manage spells for strong attack.
On the battle field, try to fill out the three lanes so you wouldn’t give a chance to your enemy to hit you back or reach your castle towers.

Defend your castle :
There are 3 cannons located on top of your castle. Clic on cannon to activate and they will defend your castle.
Defense is the best attack.
Defense is very important if you don’t want to loose.
When you destroy enemies castle you earn diamond. Open chest and upgrade your dragons.

 Dragon TV.Spending time watching other players in game will give you some strategies.

 Achievements :
 Get a bonus of gems in the setting options. Gems is necessary to buy gold, deck, Colossal Chest or open chest.

 Alliance (Guild) : Starting Alliance is the worst idea when you start playing this game.
Join good Alliance with lots of players online (Minimum Level 3 is required to join a guild). Be social with them.
Alliance with master is very good process for upgrading your defenses and castle.
You will earn exclusive Alliance Chests with resources and cards.
Chat in real time with members of your Alliance is the best way to request cards and mana bonuses.

  Starter Mission : Go as often as you can in mission. When you complete all the missions, you will receive a free Colossal Chest, Gold and Rares Dragons.

  Friends : In this section you will see your friends or other players who becomes your friends.


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