Word Cookies Cross – Level Ice Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Ice Answers

Ice Level 1: Ring Iron Rig Nor Groin Gin Ion origin Grin
Ice Level 2: Rye Lye Eel celery Leer Reel Cry Eye Rely
Ice Level 3: Rag Rig Rib Brig Brag airbag Air Grab Bar Bag Big Bra Aria
Ice Level 4: Even Haven Nave Hen Eve Heave Have Van heaven Vane
Ice Level 5: Deed Fend Need Feed Den fended Fed Fee Fen End Ended defend
Ice Level 6: Get Gel Hen Leg Let The Net length Ten Lent Then
Ice Level 7: Rye Reds Ryes dressy Dress Dry Red Dyers Dyer Dyes Dye Yes
Ice Level 8: Pier Ire Pie Rip Piece Ripe Epic recipe Per Crepe Peer Ice pierce Creep Price Rice
Ice Level 9: Ire Tie Rib Bite bitter Bet Tire Tribe Tier Bier Rite Trite Bit
Ice Level 10: Yes User Rye Rues Ryes Revs Sue survey Rue Rev Use Very Sure Ruse
Ice Level 11: Ire River Err Era Rear Rare arrive Air Rev Ear Rave Via Vie Are
Ice Level 12: Opal Plod Dual Loud Pad Pal upload Duo Load Laud Lop Pod Old Lad Lap Aloud
Ice Level 13: Four For Rut fourth Fur Hut Rot Our Out Hot Turf Hour Froth Forth Tour Fort Hurt
Ice Level 14: Sake Seam Mead Desk Makes Asked Dams Same Ask Sea Mask Made Dam Mad masked Make Sad
Ice Level 15: Logos Solo Logs Logo Soil Silo Oils Slog Log igloos Oil Igloo

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