Word Cookies Cross – Level Cranberry Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Cranberry Answers

Cranberry Level 1: Ode Old Led Doe doodle Odd
Cranberry Level 2: Mat Man Aunt Ant Nut Tan Tuna autumn
Cranberry Level 3: Lane Flea All fallen Fell Fall Elf Ale Fan Leaf Lean Fen
Cranberry Level 4: Tin Tie Tic Nice Cite inject Jet Net Cent Ten Ice Tine Cine
Cranberry Level 5: Yes Yet Messy Stem Met system Mess Set Stems Sets
Cranberry Level 6: Nag Each Ace Cane Hen Acne Can change Hang Ache Age Cage
Cranberry Level 7: Rib fabric Air Car Cab Bar Crab Crib Far Fir Bra Fair Arc
Cranberry Level 8: Suit Bits Tubs Bus But Stub Sub Sum Bust submit Mist Tub Must Its Sit Bit
Cranberry Level 9: Yam Aim Aid Amid Add midday Dim Did Dad Dam Day May Mad Mid Maid
Cranberry Level 10: Rye retype Yet Prey Tree Type Pet Per Pry Tee Eye Try Peer
Cranberry Level 11: Pat Pit Amp Tip Tic Tap Apt impact Act Aim Cap Cat Camp Pact Map Mat
Cranberry Level 12: Loud double Bed Bold Bud Bode Lobe Duo Dub Due Led Doe Duel Blue Bled Old Ode
Cranberry Level 13: attics Act Attic Acts Cats Tic Its Tact Cast static Tacit Cat Sit Sat
Cranberry Level 14: Trait Rat Tar Stair Start artist traits Airs Air Tarts Tars Tart Its Stir strait Sir Sit Sat Art Star
Cranberry Level 15: Lit flight Gilt Flit Gift Fight Hit Fit Fig Hilt Lift Light

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