Word Cookies Cross – Level Cloves Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Cloves Answers

Cloves Level 1: Head heyday Hey Heady Day Dye Had Hay
Cloves Level 2: Eel Flex Flee Feel Fee Leer Free Reef Reel reflex Elf
Cloves Level 3: Tack Take Ace Act Teak Jet Cake Cat Tea jacket Ate Eat
Cloves Level 4: Deer Greed degree Reed Edge Red
Cloves Level 5: Mid Mime medium Due Mimed Die Dim Mud Mum
Cloves Level 6: Bird Rid Rib Dry Bid Hid hybrid
Cloves Level 7: Rad accord Cod Rod Car Cord Card Oar Road Arc
Cloves Level 8: Rift Fruit Fury Rut Fur fruity Turf Try Turfy Fir Fit Fry
Cloves Level 9: Woke Rower Err Woe Wore Work Roe Row worker Owe Ore rework
Cloves Level 10: Bids Bide Bed Bee Side See beside Seed Die Bid Dies Bees Beds
Cloves Level 11: Jog jogger Gore Roe Ogre Goer Gorge Ore Ego Egg
Cloves Level 12: Real Era laurel All Rue Earl Lure Ear allure Ale Rule Are
Cloves Level 13: Fairs Afar Afars safari Airs Air Firs Far Fir Sir Aria Fair Arias
Cloves Level 14: Neat Tin Tie Tan Inane Nine Ant Net Ten Tea Ate Tine Eat innate Inn
Cloves Level 15: Gut Gun nugget Net Egg Get Tug Ten Nut Tune

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