Word Cookies Cross – Level Chocolate Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Chocolate Answers

Chocolate Level 1: Nag Gun iguana Again Gain Gin
Chocolate Level 2: Rut True Let Rue Lure turtle Utter Rule
Chocolate Level 3: domino Mood Moon Nod Mind Doom Don Mono Dim Din Ion Mid
Chocolate Level 4: Cache Each chance Ace Cane Hen Acne Can Ache
Chocolate Level 5: Hit Hint Nil Lit Lint Tin thinly Tiny Thin Hilt
Chocolate Level 6: Size Side See Seize Seed seized Sized Die Dies
Chocolate Level 7: Lash lavish Vial Ash Visa Vials Hails Hail Via Sail His Has
Chocolate Level 8: Nice Face Ace Cane fiance Cafe Fen Acne Can Fine Ice Fan Fin Cine
Chocolate Level 9: Pay Pan Nap canopy Cop Coy Con Any Cay Cap Can Pony Copy
Chocolate Level 10: Demo Coed Come Dome Mode Coy Cod Code Doe Dye Ode comedy Decoy
Chocolate Level 11: Pies Mop Pie Poems impose Pose Poise Mops Some Poem
Chocolate Level 12: Iron Rib Nor Rob Born Inn inborn Bio Orb Ion Bin
Chocolate Level 13: Wad Way Yam Aim Aid Amid midway Dim Dam Day Maw May Mad Mid Maid
Chocolate Level 14: Itch Chits Tic With Wish Chit This Wit Witch Its Hits His Hit Wits Sit switch
Chocolate Level 15: induct Tin Tic Dint Cut Dun Unit Nut Din Duct Tunic

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