Word Cookies Cross – Level Avocado Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Avocado Answers

Avocado Level 1: Burs Bur Bus Sub Rub suburb Rubs
Avocado Level 2: Pan Nap Cup Pun Cap Can unpack Punk Pack
Avocado Level 3: number Burn Menu Urn Men Bur Bun Numb Run Rum Rub Rue Nub
Avocado Level 4: Soy mostly Toys Slot Most Lots Lot Lost Toy Sly
Avocado Level 5: Rift Rat Tar tariff Air Raft Far Fat Fir Fit Fair Art
Avocado Level 6: Mob Moot Boot Motto Boom Tot Too Tomb bottom
Avocado Level 7: Tend Need Den Dent End Net Ten Tee extend Next Teen
Avocado Level 8: Arch Ranch Ran Char Barn Bran Car Can Cab Bar Ban Crab branch Bra Arc
Avocado Level 9: collar Call All Local Car Coal Oral Carol Coral Oar Roll Arc
Avocado Level 10: Dines Dine Send Den Side Dens End Din Die Dies inside indies Ends Sin
Avocado Level 11: Tube Bet Met But Let Melt Tub Elm Mute Blue Mule tumble Belt
Avocado Level 12: User Errs Furs Rues Fur Sue surfer Fuse Rue Use Serf Surf Sure Ruse Err
Avocado Level 13: Fry Rots Soy For Toys Story Rot Sort Frost frosty Rosy Try Forts Forty Toy Soft Fort
Avocado Level 14: Grout Gut Guy Rut Gory grouty yogurt Rot Your Our Out Got Rug Tug Try You Tour Toy
Avocado Level 15: Lip Slimy simply Slip Sly Slim Spy Imply Limp Lips Limps Ply

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