Word Cookies Cross – Level Apricot Answers

Bitmango is back with a sequel to the most popular word game in the mobile industry! Get ready to enjoy Word Cookies Cross!

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Level Apricot Answers

Apricot Level 1: Mom Rye Roe Memo memory Ore More
Apricot Level 2: Ire Ever Verve revive Veer Eve Rev Vie
Apricot Level 3: Yew Lye Eel Keel Leek Eye Elk Week Wee weekly Key
Apricot Level 4: crying Ring Rig Icy Cry Gin Grin
Apricot Level 5: Ray salary Lays Slay Sly Rays Say Lay
Apricot Level 6: Ions vision Son Sin Ion
Apricot Level 7: Died Dive Die Dived Vied divide Did Vie
Apricot Level 8: Tie Tic Cite Toxic Ice Toe exotic Exit Cot
Apricot Level 9: purple Pure Pup Rue Per Lure Rule pulper Upper Pulp
Apricot Level 10: Ever Err Tree Vet Veer revert Eve Rev Tee
Apricot Level 11: Ire Rig Rib Beg Brig Bier Gig Big Egg bigger
Apricot Level 12: Aped Pay Pad Payed Ape Peak Key Yak Pea Day Dye keypad
Apricot Level 13: Loud Sold Duos Hold Shod should Holds Soul Old Lush Duo
Apricot Level 14: Wind window Wow Won Nod Now Win Don Down Own Din Ion Widow
Apricot Level 15: Rig Rib Brig Birth Right bright Big Bit Hit Grit

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