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Word Search: Cookies Crosswords or Word Bakery is game developped by Piano Music House

Very similar game to Word Cookies, but contains different words. The game present you a pan with cookies in it which are in form of letters. You need to use these letters by swiping to make all the words possible. The game features over 700 levels. You start the game with only a few letters but the further you go, the more letters you have in your pan. If you ever get stuck and you need the solution, good news for you! You feel at the right place. You will find all the answers here at HelpMeWithGames. Feel free to bookmark the page to come back if you ever get stuck again in the future. Have fun!

All the Answers to all levels:

  • Elite
    • Avocado Toast
    • Sweet Toast
    • Butter Toast
    • Pepper Toast

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