Ultimate Escape: Cursed School – Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – Reading desk

Ultimate Escape: Cursed School
All the answers. One of the best virtual page for the game. Prepare to see more than just pages and answers. This will gives you all the feeling of moving from room to room.

Cursed School Chapter 1 :


2-Take the pencil
3-Use the pencil on the paper on the reading desk. (HINT : BLACK 9)
4-Take the hammer in the basket.
5-Back to Center of the class room

37-Tap the chest
38-Move the 3 pieces of Puzzle detail
39-This time you need to look the hints on the left.
First : Puzzle with yellow arrows on the top. It tells you the puzzle on the top left and the puzzle below.
Second : Puzzle with yellow arrow lower. It tell you the puzzle on the top left and the puzzle at the right.
At this time you have 3 correct puzzles at their position. To find the next puzzle, combine a piece of puzzle with the same shape like dominos.
When done, take the paper from the chest (HINT 1312)
40 Go to Exit door

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