Spotlight X Room Escape – Walkthrough – Hotel Corridor – right corridor

Spotlight X Room Escape
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All the answers : You are trapped in a corridor but nothing is impossibl . Prepare to see more than just pages and answers. This will gives you all the feeling of moving from room to room.

1-Go at the end of the corridor.
2-On your left, take the knife.
3-Remove the lid and take the paper from the bottle.
4-Open the box and take the screwdriver.
5-Take the stepladder.
6-Use the knife to open the box on the floor and take the book.
7-Go to left corridor.

14-Remove all the plank of wood that blocked the door.
You need to hit 4 times on each board.
15-Use the key to unlock the door. (hint : FOLLOW THE X),
16-Tap the red metal box on the left wall.
17-Use the key on the padlock.
18-Take the hint. the answer is the total numbers of corner for each form
19-Tap the tools box on the floor and enter the code. 4063
20-Take the triangular key.
21-Tap the electrical  box and use the triangular key.
23-you need to turn power on for the junction box on the left corridor. Hint was “VII” so tap the switch 7.
24-Go to left corridor.

28-For the wet paper with arrows : Tap the frame with the X.
Hint says : 
–     180 degree counter clockwise.
–       90 degree clockwise.
–     270 degree counterclockwise.
Take the hint that fall from behind the X frame.
29-Go to electrical panel and open it.
30-Open the book in your inventory. XI, IV, XV, IX ( can you see them?).
31-Turn on switches according to the roman numbers but you need to find which switch highlight the frame. it is necessary for the junction box.
Switch XI turns on the frame with the square
Switch IV turns on the frame with the diamond.
Switch XV turns on the frame with the 3 horizontal lines.
Switch IX turns on the frame with the +
32-Go to left Corridor

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