Spotlight X Room Escape – Walkthrough – Hotel Corridor – Left corridor

Spotlight X Room Escape
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All the answers : You are trapped in a corridor but nothing is impossible. Prepare to see more than just pages and answers. This will gives you all the feeling of moving from room to room.

8-Use the stepladder under the junction box on the right wall.
9-Tap the junction box.
10-Take the key on top of the junction box.
11-Use the screwdriver on the cover to remove screws.
There is no power in the box. There is a hint at the right side of the box “VII”
12-go down the ladder and move to the end of the corridor, there is a key hook in the keyhole under the door handle (left side of the X door.)
13-Go to the right corridor

25-Tap the junction box, you can highlight 3 forms only and at the 4th every lights turn off. you don’t have do good combination.
26-Use the paper in you inventory and tap the wet floor. (arrows appear on paper).
27-Go to right corridor

33-Tap the junction box.
34-Tap the square, the diamond, the 3 horizontal lines an the +

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