Spotlight X Room Escape – Walkthrough – Apartment – Office

Spotlight X Room Escape
From Javelin Ltd

All the answers : Here is the office. Work work always work. It’s not a mess, everything is at its own place, find things you need to advance escape room. Prepare to see more than just pages and answers. This will gives you all the feeling of moving from room to room.

8-Tap twice the frame with the red X on the wall.
9-Take the paper.
10-Take the “chords sheet on the 2nd shelf.
11-Take the spray bottle on the edge of the window.
12-DING DONG. Go to answer at the X door.

21-Use the DVD in the laptop.
22-in your inventory you have a enigma sheet. Use the path on the laptop on the enigma to find the code : 7810
23-Tap the suitcase on the floor and enter the code 7810 and take the key.
24-Go to the living room.
25-Use the key on the X door to exit level 1.

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Great Muko!

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