Spotlight X Room Escape – Walkthrough – Apartment – Living room

Spotlight X Room Escape
From Javelin Ltd

Welcome in the living room. Such a simple living room. You could easily rest or chat in good company. But enigma do not wait, find them to continu in this best NEW virtual game. Prepare to see more than just pages and answers. This will gives you all the feeling of moving from room to room.

1-Open the drawer and take the remote.
2-Take the crowbar in the corner at the left of the door.
3-Take the key in the frame on the table under the television.
4-Use the TV remote then Tap on the television.
5-Tap on the tv screen again (85 people, age 18-45).
6-Back to the white doors. Use the key to open the right door behind the couch.
7-move to office room

13-Tap the X door to see who’s there.
14-Read the letter on the floor. (You’re probably wondering where you are. I will tell you where you might be. You might be in the room. you suffer in. See you soon.)
15-Use the spray bottle on the houseplant.
16-Tap the sheet with music notes then tap the guitar. Listen the music.
17-Tap the cane and tap the wardrobe door.
18-Take the insulating tape in the blue box.
19-There is a lock chest, you need a 6 digit numbers. remember the numbers on the Tv screen?. Enter number and take the DVD.
20-Go to the office.

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Great Muko!

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