Spotlight Room Escape – The Lost One – Messy Room – Left Side

1-Tap the chest of drawers
Tap the drawer, tap the fragment
2–Tap the wire to disconnect.
Tap the wire to connect in the 2nd plug.
Phone is powered.
3-Tap the Key and tap the plug.(Sim Card.)
Tap the Sim Card, Tap the phone
Tap the on the call button.
Tap the phone number 47 515 on the keypad then hit “ENTER”
“PIN” : See Donatello dead (in the book). 1466  ↵

Tap the crowbar in your inventory.
4-Tap the picture on the wall.
Tap the picture.
Tap fragments in your inventory and tap the picture to move.
See solution on video at 9:15
5-Tap the gems in the safe.
Go to octopus and insert gems.

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