Spotlight Room Escape – Dirty things – Money Changing Machine area

4-Tap the bag on the chair.
5-Take the piece of paper under the bag.
6-Go to the laundry room area

15-Insert the dry dollar in the machine slot and receive two dollar coins.
16-Take the two dollar coins
17-Go to the Laundry Room area.

21-Use the soap on the zip of the bag.
22-Open the zipper and take the Pliers.
23-Use the Pliers on the clothes hanger.
24-Take the Pattern paper from the hidden hole.
25-Go to the Left Drying machines area

33-Open the padlock with the New record number 5974.
Go to 5, back to 9, forward to 7 then back to 4.
34-Tap the glass.
35-Take the piece of paper behind the poster with the red line.
36-Go to the Laundry Room area

66-Tap the small tree in the corner.
67-Dig and find the key.
68-Take the key.
69-Go to the Reserved employees Room

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