Spotlight Room Escape – Dirty things – Laundry Room area

1-Go to the vending machine

18-Tap on a dollar coin and tap on the red box on the “soap & suds” machine.
19-Take the soap.
20-Go to the Money Changing Machine area.

37-Tap the padlock at the right of the door.
38-Use numbers on piece of paper. 5891
39-Go to the Reserved employees Room.

48-Tap be red box at the left to the door.
I-B,C,D,G are consonant
II-A,E,U,O are vowel.
49-Tap the padlock at the bottom of this box.
50-Padlock solution :
-First number on the padlock ask number of vowels.
Nihil desperandum = 6
-Second number on the padlock ask number of consonants.
Nosce te ipsum = 7
-Third number on the padlock ask number of consonants divide by vowel.
Divide et impera = 1
-Fourth number on the padlock ask number of consonants minus vowels = 1
To open the padlock = 6711
51-Take the second safe part.
52-Go to the Reserved employees Room

58-Stick the Pattern paper on the window over the other Pattern paper.
59-Tap the washing machine at the end.
60-Tap the red box on the floor behind the machine.
61-Tap the pattern that was on the window.
62-Take the flamegun and combine with the Balloon.
63-Use the wrench and take the Hose from the washing machine
64-Combine the Hose with the Balloon.
65-Go to the Money Changing Machine area

73-Move the ladder against the wall.
74-Open the AC panel.
75-Connect the Balloon to the AC to fill the balloon.
76-Tap the red button until F (full)
77-Go to Reserved employees Room

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