Spotlight Room Escape – Afterlight – Generators Room


Answers :

Tap the key next to the door.

5-Take the key on the wall
6-Tap the toolbox.
7-Take the Hacksaw.
8-Tap the blade box.
enter-code 3141 (π value).
9-Tap box to open.
10-Take the hacksaw blade.

Go to steal bar door.

15-Tap the gaz can and tap the generator to fill.

Go to Door 2 Switch panel

17-Tap the key and tap the door to unlock.
See the number 40 it almost erased on the M23 quadrant

Remove 40 to 140V and 160V



Good…Generator works,  the electricity is back.
Go to the switch panel and Turn on the togle.
(Door 2 Switch panel).

B: approach the door
Tap the drill and drill a hole on the left side of the door.
Tap the dynamite and tap the hole to insert.
Go back to computer room and move transmitter on the table.
Tap the transmitter to "fire in the hole"

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