Spotlight Room Escape – Afterlight – Computer Room

Answers :

26-Take the Photo Paper on the table.
27-Take the sheet on the pile of papers.
This one was very hard to hunderstand.
The code 2451 come from the paper with incomprehensive lines.
Imagine that need to trace an 8 on the paper but don’t touch the red line. The code appear.

28-Go to bedroom and enter code 2451

30-tap the computer and use duct tape on wire.
Tap the plug and tap the wire to fix.
Tap the plug to connect.

31-Tap the computer.

B next  : Move the transmitter on the table and tap the transmitter.
Tap the computer.
Tap the control panel and tap the room.

Go back to generator room and take the secret passage to EXIT

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  1. Can someone tell me why the control panel gives access denied message? I’ve watched videos and I’ve done everything the right way..

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