Spotlight Room Escape – Afterlight – Bedroom

Answers :

19-Tap the pillow, take the floppy disc
20-Tap the camera to take the film
21-Tap the closet and tap the Fluid #2 and bottle of iodine
22-Tap the table. Tap iodine, tap the sheet.
23-Tap the wall and tap the sheet.
24-Tap the door and tap the safe, enter code :
.       5 – OK – 45 – OK – 30 – OK – 0 – OK
Take the screwdriver and the switch.
Tap the table and tap the sheet you just used iodine, there is a wire on the right = Use the screwdriver on the wire and take the electric plug.
Move out and go to electric panel.

28- code is 2451 take the floppy disc and duct tape

Return to computer room and use duct tape on the electric wires.

31-Tap the vent. Tap the wire cutter and tap the floppy disc 3

Go to Computer and insert the floppy disc 3.

A: Tap the table and tap A

the hint is represented with red color.
The green color is the path what you need to do.
Tap the green button 56RFZ TAP ENTER.
Tap the dynamite on A.
Combine dynamite and detonator.
Go in generator room.


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9 thoughts on “Spotlight Room Escape – Afterlight – Bedroom

  1. Tap on the desk in the room to see a blank sheet of paper. Tap again to view it and then use the iodine bottle to reveal a hidden safe code clue ZZ Clockwise : 40 Anti Clockwise : AZ Clockwise : X0 Anti Clockwise

    Return to the cupboards and close the top right door to find a paper on the wall with a second safe code clue. Open the lower right door to find a safe. Use the 2 clue above to find the combination to open it.
    Solution: To open the safe rotate the dial:
    Clockwise by 55 – end up on ‘5’
    Anticlockwise by 40 – end up on ’45’
    Clockwise by 15 – end up on ’30’
    Anticlockwise by 30 – end up on ‘0’
    After each rotation tap the OK button to confirm the setting.
    Open the safe to collect a screwdriver and a toggle switch.

  2. I was able to get in the bedroom before, but now it’s blocked. I tried using a hint, but the hint starts already in the bedroom. How do I get back in there?

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