Skyscraper Room Escape – The Other Side – generator and lights

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  1. Tap electric wires in your inventory and tap 1 on the floor.
  2. Tap the chemical toilet and tap the magnet card #3
  3. Tap FULL fuel tank then tap generator.
  4. Move tablet on the generator.
  5. Move electric extension on generator.
  6. Move tablet charger on the generator
    Take the charged tablet.
    Combine tablet and SD Card.
  7. Tap the spotlight and stick color cards on spotlight according to the print sheet hint.
    Color numbers on the wall = the exit code.
    Tap the Tablet PC.
    Red = 3 (III)
    Blue = 5 (V)
    Yellow = 1 (I)
    Total of red, blue and yellow = white.
    Exit code is : 3-5-1-9
    Go to Exit Door.

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