Skyscraper Room Escape – Falling from the sky – Red chest

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1-Use the wrench with triangular nozzle founded in the helicopter.
2-You will use the wrench with square nozzle found in electric room locker and the neon sign will turn on (See 7)
3-De-energize the door before using the wrench with circular nozzle found in the locker room.
When de-energized done go to the fence door.
4-Use the brick to break the light protector. Take the bulb. You will need light in the duct.
5-Locker room door : to open, the key is in the red chest but you need a code (see 6)
6-Go left side to “Wall Picture Area” to find the morse code on the wall.
7-Neon sign code 1923. go inside locker room and unlock small locker.

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