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Hi There!

I see you are interested in making your own application? You saw our app, tried it and tought it could also be fun to make your own mobile application? Well, let me tell you that yes, it is doable and you don’t need any programming or developping skills. You simply need a good idea and some time to make it work.

To make our app, we used QuickAppNinja’s engine. QAP is taking care of all the programming stuff. All you have to take care of is creating your game. QAP have an easy to use platform that anybody could use.


You are a student trying to work part time and want to make a bit of money? You are someone that have a dream to create games? With a good idea and only a little bit of time, you could make a great game that generate $$ money each day and help you out. And who knows? Maybe it could be the idea of the years and the next game that becomes #1 on the Play Store!

Check it out by yourself. You can create an account in 2 minutes and see what the builder looks like and how it works. It cost nothing, it doesn’t engage you in anything and it’s all free!

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