Icon Pop Quiz 2 – Answers & Solutions


Icon Pop Quiz 2 is a game developed by Alegrium

After more than 20 million download worldwide, Icon Pop Quiz is back with new contents and fun quiz for hours of casual trivia fun! Guess the logo and more in addicting and challenging games.

This game is very well done and the graphics are amazing. Embark in the amazing journey of a guessing game. Guess hundreds of icons from dozens of different categories. Unlock more categories by gaining enough coins. Each level completed reward you with a small amount of coins. If you get stuck, you can use these coins to get some hints but be careful because you need these coins to unlock more categories. Make sure to use the hints and watch videos to encourage the developers before looking for the answers. Without these, we wouldn’t get great games like this one.

Fortunately for you, HelpMeWithGames.com is here for you are will list all the answers here. Each answer is on a separate page because we don’t want to spoil you the next level. We want you to have as much fun as possible while still giving you some help when you need it. Feel free to bookmark this page in case you get stuck in the future!

List of all the levels









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11 thoughts on “Icon Pop Quiz 2 – Answers & Solutions

  1. More bands science, characters, tv and films, jobs, animals, etc. and a christmas special. plus more puzzles for the first icon pop quiz. it’s been years since no word. can you do it for all of us please. thank you

    • Hi Hunter.

      Thank you for your concern about the game but we aren’t the developers of Icon Pop Quiz. We simply post the answers to help people. You should try contacting the company directly or commenting on the play store or their facebook page.

      Have a good day!

    • I found it haha, sorry I didn’t read the titles properly. I was wondering if you could do movies of autumn, thanks xx

    • Hi Aditya,

      Thank you for the heads up. We’ll add the answers by tomorrow for the missing categories.


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