Guess Her Age Challenge – All The Answers

Guess Her Age Challenge is a new trending game made by Master Utility App with the QuickApp Ninja game builder.

I need to say that after playing a little bit, this game feels weird. I don’t want to say that this is a bad guessing game but as an adult looking at underage girls and trying to guess their age is… weird. But, this game is trending which means there is a lot of people that are enjoying it and, like always, is here for you in case you are stuck.

We will list all the answers on a different page because we don’t want to spoil you the next level. Make sure to bookmark this page for future consultations if you ever get stuck again.

List of all the solutions:

** Update ** I’m sorry, but I won’t continue to solve this game. I had a feeling that the ages weren’t right on most of these pictures, but after Level 21 where I was shown a picture of Chris Pine and the answer is 16 when he is 36… I’m done.


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