Logo Quiz 2018 – All the Answers

Logo Quiz 2018 by Jason D. Witting 2018 Game

Jason D. just released their first logo game. Tackle over 2500 brands in this amazing logo game. The logos are partially hidden or erased to add some challenge. If you don’t know the answer you cannot pass to the next level unless you use coins to buy hints or skip the level. Coins are limited and can be generate by solving levels, watching videos on buying coin packs. If you really enjoy this game we recommend that you buy a coin pack to encourage the developers. For others, we will list all the answers here on HelpMeWithGames.com

Feel free to bookmark this page in case you get stuck later and still need the solutions.

All the levels:

Levels 1 to 50

Levels 51 to 100

Levels 101 to 150

Levels 151 to 200

Levels 201 to 250

Levels 251 to 300

Levels 301 to 350

Levels 351 to 400

Levels 401 to 450

Levels 451 to 500


Let us know if you need more answers

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