Fortnite Battle Royale – Wiki – Weapons Pickaxe

In Fortnite Battle Royale, weapons have 5 tier of rarities. higher rarity increase the stat of the weapons but also makes them harder to find.

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Gray – Common
Green – Uncommon
Blue – Rare
Purple – Epic
Orange – Legendary

The pickaxe is the weapon that you start with and you cannot drop it on the ground. It is used to destroy buildings to gather resources. On players, the pickaxe hits for 10 damage. When attacking buildings, aim for the blue circles to do double damage. If you are looting and don’t want to drop your weapon accidently on the ground, equip your pickaxe. You won’t be able to loot any other weapons if your inventory is full.


Rarity Damage
None 10


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Updated on 15/10/2017 Patch 1.7.1

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