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By The Fortnite Team

The Horde Bash update launches with a new game mode, weapons, heroes, defenders and more on Thursday, Oct 5.

Challenge The Horde, the new mode introduced in the Horde Bash update, introduces a new type of mission which utilizes a unique skill tree and progressive fort system. Your building skills will be tested as you and your squad level up your forts and pit them against a mix of all kinds of monsters.

Get ready to lock and load. Get your hands on the new Scavenger weapon set, four new Scavenger heroes, and two new defenders, all unlockable by completing Challenge the Horde missions and quests.

View the full release notes below. Share your thoughts and suggestions on the Official Forums and Discord.


  • Players can now grab pickups through open windows and other openings.
  • Fixed an issue where textures would pop in and out from certain distances.
  • Revival progress is now shown in the UI for the entire team.
    • A large progress indicator now displays while being revived.
  • The death log will now show teammates color correctly.
  • Tweaks to slotted inventory item look.
  • The continue / back buttons on the death and win screens will now say “Return to Lobby.”


  • Players will no longer default to English global chat rooms when failing to find a room available for their language.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if shutting down immediately after logging in.
  • Faster response to server timeouts when connecting to the server lobby.
  • Improved client and server stability related to outages with various backend services.
  • Fixed a rare issue where party members wouldn’t join a server with the party leader.
  • Improved dedicated server stability by retrying cloud save operations if they fail.
  • Fixed a rare crash while matchmaking.


  • Viewing a Twitch stream and being awarded a viewer quest, and then not logging in for a month could prevent players from logging in.
    • This issue is now fixed.
  • Added ability for console users that are not actively playing game to accept invites from other players.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t apply Fullscreen mode.
    • Now when selecting the Fullscreen option, the setting should apply correctly.
  • V-Bucks earned from playing Fortnite are now spendable on all platforms.
    • Purchased V-Bucks continue to be only available on the platform purchased.
  • Fixed several client and server crash conditions.
  • Fixed a few localization issues.


  • The “Backspace” key can now be bound in player input on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t view all available banner categories on PC.
    • Players will now be able to change their banner at will.
  • Changed minimum macOS requirement for Fortnite to 10.12.6.
    • This should help prevent some crashes that players were experiencing.
  • Fixed a crash during shutdown on PC if the player was mid-purchase of real-money products.


Fixed an issue where Xbox emoji’s were breaking chat rooms.

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