Faraway 2: Jungle Escape – Level – 3

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape

All The Answers, Kunci Jawaban : You are welcome to the most mysterious jungle escape game. Find the escape from all temples in colorful and well elaborated many other locations. It is time to escape the real temple!  Plunge into the mysterious world a new 100 doors. Each new temple is a unique puzzle that is becoming more and more complicated. In order to pass a Temple you have to search for objects, perform tasks, solve conundrums.

Answer :

First game : rotate shapes to form a square then pull lever. Come back later with the tile to change shapes and get the 2nd note.

Second game : rotate shapes to fill in empty space.
Take the tile and go back to the 1st game at the entrance.
Don’t forget to take the 1st note at the bottom

First game : look the brown tile and rotate shapes.

Tap the orange key on the left side of the stairs

Move to the left side of the stairs (Pass mouse over images ) :
Insert the orange key

Take the 2nd key on the floor and pull the lever, look column

Take the orange key.
You should have 2 keys in your inventory.

Move to the right side of the stairs now (Pass mouse over images ) :

Break the vases to get the 3rd note.
Insert the 2 keys then go upstairs and pull the lever. Look the column

Columns are the solution.

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