Escape World’s Toughest Prison – Stage 6

Escape World’s Toughest Prison by Mobest Media
is a classic escape game with all its original elements. Solving puzzles, cracking codes, lock picking, finding hidden objects and combining items to escape the rooms. This challenging adventure game has 20 different rooms. Hurry up, the world’s toughest prison isn’t a nice place to spend your time – escape!


Stage 6

Zoom the trash can
— Tap the screwdriver handle
Zoom the green furniture
— Tap the screwdriver stem
— Tap the pen between the two plants
— Combine handle and stem
Zoom the right drawers
— Tap the screwdriver
Zoom the top drawer
— Tap the small plate with screw on the keyboard. It’s a battery case. You need to find 2 batteries
Zoom the jar
— Tap the battery
— Memorize red/green/blue plank on the wall
Zoom the right small plant
— Tap the right plant
— Tap the battery
<Return> <Return>
— Return to the keyboard
— Tap the battery case
— Tap the batteries
— Tap the battery case
— Buttons are now on
— Tap button till the colors turn red/green/blue as the plank
— Tap the black button
— Tap the paper
— Tap the paper again in your inventory
— Tap the pen
— Tap the paper to show a clue
Zoom the door
— Tap the doorlock
— Move the red guides according to the clue indicated on the paper
— Tap the green button
Clic here to ESCAPE!

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